Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where does DVD Cache store its data files?

A: DVD Cache uses two data files, their default locations are:
~/Library/Preferences/DVD Cache Library.xml
~/Pictures/DVD Cache Posters/
(the '~' signifies your home directory)

Q: How to I add a title that isn't found by searching?

A: Under the Media Menu, select 'New Blank Movie…' or use the short-cut: shift-cmd-M

Q: No Poster was downloaded for a title. How can I add my own?

A: You can add or replace an image by drag-and-dropping an image file onto the imagewell for a movie.

Q: How do I back up my library?

A: There are two ways:
1.) The easiest method is to Export the library as an xml document with posters included. To reload the back-up all you need to do is import the xml file. Caution: If you import into an already populated library, duplication may occur.
2.) The second way is to duplicate all the data files. (See Q: Where does DVD Cache keep the data files?) To reload the back-up simply put the data files into their appropriate places.

Q: I see the poster during adding but when I confirm the add it disappears.

A: Make sure the ~/Pictures/DVD Cache Posters/ exists. If ~/Pictures is an alias to some other location you will need to make the folder a symbolic link. This can be done through the command line with 'ln -s <complete path of aliased path> ~/Pictures' (without the '') Example: If you're keeping your Pictures on a hard drive name PictureHD in a folder called myPictures the command would be 'ln -s /Volumes/PictureHD/myPictures ~/Pictures'

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